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Confessions of a Helicopter Mom


Are you a parent? Do you find yourself anxiously flying through the air, hovering over the daily lives of those you love? Or are you firmly planted in their presence?
If you answered yes to finding yourself in the anxious state of hovering- you are not alone. While I do not have a PhD in child psychology, I am a mom who can relate to this hovering lifestyle. Fear created whirlwinds and downdrafts, producing anxiety and stress, threatening to take me down and out.
In my own journey, I learned there is another way. Fear does not have to control me. Worry does not have to be a common staple in my vocabulary, and peace is attainable. Join me on a journey full of surprises and detours. Travel with me in the passenger seat as I share practical ways that help me to navigate the lift of life. My hope and prayer is that you will find the Power that helps us glide through the challenges we face with love and grace.
And find peace in the balance.
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