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The author's passion about Christ, along with the awareness of Biblical events gives the author a strong sense of passion in the reading. Readers will value the author's insights and Biblical knowledge while the author further illustrates points with engaging examples.

Darlene Grizzell

I just finished reading an awesome book-"Confessions of a Helicopter Mom" by Eve M Harrell. I truly enjoyed this testimony of how to live a peaceful life while raising kids in the crazy mixed up world. I felt a real connection with my life and how I had to learn to trust my child and to know that God put her in my life and charged me with being her parent to teach her how to be an adult. But that didn't mean I had control over her-I had to let her make choices in her life. It is very hard to let your children grow into adults. But we must let them live and learn and love them along the way.

This book is well written and informative not only to parents, but anyone who tends to hover, worry, and try to control every minute of their lives. Stepping back and allowing God to work things out for us and guide us is so often the right answers for us all.

Xulon Press

Belinda L. Owen

Confessions of a Helicopter Mom
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